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Merry Christmas!

In a world dominated by social media, maybe sending a Christmas Letter is outdated. But, perhaps it is a nice antidote to the bombardment of trivia we receive from the newer modes of communication, because it forces us to focus on the big picture, the major milestones of our year. So, for those of you that enjoy sharing the big events of the past year, here are ours.

We took our good friends, Jane and Paul, to Vieques, Puerto Rico, to enjoy one of our favorite vacation sites in February. The beautiful beaches, wild horses and simple life of the island provided a perfect respite from the Michigan winter. It also provided us the opportunity to catch up with Joe and Mimi, who we had met on our previous trip there. We supplemented the quiet island venue with a few fun nights in Old San Juan.

In the Spring, we moved Betty from Indiana to Michigan. Kathy was quite busy helping her sort through all the things that accumulate as a consequence of living in the same place for many years. Now we have her settled in a condo only a short distance from us, and get to see her on a regular basis. A few weeks ago, she adopted a kitten from our clinic. "Cameo" quickly became a cherished part of the family and is rapidly being spoiled.

The McBride family gathering started in July with a wedding (Craig's daughter, Melanie) in Oregon. From there we all traveled to the coast for a few days, then on to Mt. Hood. The surroundings were perfect for hiking, sightseeing and partying, and we all had a great time.

We weren't able to get as much sailing done this year, due to all the activities of the spring and summer combined with my working more hours at the hospital (we were down a veterinarian this year). But we expanded our sailing horizon when we stumbled across a new boat during our Fall vacation to the Upper Peninsula. Getting it back to our neck of the woods will serve as a Spring adventure for Dad and I this coming year.

The October Father-Son backpacking trip went well in spite of the government shut-down blocking access to our originally planned venue. Craig found a fine alternative in North Carolina. Kathy, Betty and Mom scoured the retail outlets in the greater Knoxville area while we were wearing ourselves out in the mountains.

Now, it's the holiday season again. The year sure seemed to pass quickly, but, looking back, we did accomplish a lot and had a good time. We hope your holiday season is a great one and wish you the very best in the coming year.

Steve and Kathy