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Motor Mount for the WindRider 17

The motor mount is constructed out of two HDPE plastic cutting boards bolted together. The scraps remaining after cutting the boards were used to create the strip with holes drilled into it to accommodate the mounting bracket on the motor and the spacer pieces to hold it out from the bracket on the aka. A white shelf bracket was bolted to the mount to provide support to the aft side of the mount. I cut pieces from a white rubber jar gripper to pad the bracket where it contacts the deck (fishing line was threaded through the holes in the bracket to sew it into place) and to protect the black metal aka bracket from the bolt heads. (Note: Nylon washers have replaced the rubber mats on the bolts.)

I reversed the handle on the Minn Kota electric motor to permit me to easily control the motor from the aft cockpit. The battery fits between the front seat and the upright support behind it, in a battery box.

motor mount

Motor mount constructed out of two plastic cutting boards and a shelf bracket

motor mounted on port aka

Motor mounted on port side aka (the boat is on the trailer in this image)

motor stowed in front of cockpit

When the motor is stowed, it sits across the deck in front of the cockpit

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