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I love to be outdoors. I like the physical activity, the scenery, the challenge and the solitude. It's a great break from the normal hustle and bustle, a vacation...and adventure. There is something philosophical in outdoor adventure. It provides a very up-close-and-personal view of existence. It's human ability versus the wilderness. The buffer of civilization is absent, and in a very clear-cut way you get to pit your skills and intelligence against the challenges of the wilderness. But there's nothing like a hot shower and a pizza after an extended trip in the wilds. Returning home, you value civilization and it's luxuries even more.

Our favorite outdoor activities include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, sailing, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

On the left you'll find links to recent trips we've taken, listed under the Outdoors Adventure heading. Some of our favorite outdoors links are found on the links page.

Three season backpacking Equipment List

Kayak gear packing list

My brother, Craig, has a small hiking group in Murfreesboro that posts reports about their hikes in the area.

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