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Day Three--Fresh snow

We awoke to 4 inches of fresh snow. The trail we chose to follow had yet to be groomed or traveled upon by anyone else, so we broke trail as we went--a good workout. The scenery was beautiful, with the fresh snow piled on the trees. In one spot, we saw a "snowbow." Apparently there was still enough ice in the upper atmosphere to produce a rainbow effect, even though the snow had stopped falling and the sky was clear. Unfortunately, the scene was difficult to capture on camera.


While Kathy took a quick nap, I went out for a fast-paced loop. I quickly discovered how little clothing one really needed at 14 degrees when really working hard. The wind had picked up to about 40 knots, although it was not apparent in the woods. Breaking out into an open field, I found the trail had disappeared under a 1-2 foot deep drift. My skis soon disappeared under that drift, and I almost took a header into it.

Kathy and I headed out one more time before dinner, ensuring we would both be exhausted by the time we were finished. Dinner was great, as usual. We polished off a bottle of wine to help sooth the sore muscles, and slept like babies.

Posing in front of the lodge after our final ski

The trip home Monday was uneventful, although high winds forced everyone to travel slowly over the "Mighty Mac."

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