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Oak Creek Trail, Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kathy celebrates the summit (overlook)

Friday we repeated Oak Creek Trail to the lookout, a trail we had hiked in 2003. We spotted a buck and, later, a couple doe along the trail. The trail has a tricky spot that was more apparent this trip. Above the mines, the trail ascends through a meadow of waist-high weeds and becomes very difficult to follow. The key is to look up toward the top of the field and spot a tree with an orange trail marker. The trail passes immediately in front of this tree. Another tree beyond this one sports a white marker. The trail passes behind this tree. We managed a brief lunch before a rain shower arrived. It provided a great rainbow for the trip down.

A waterfall on Oak Creek

The next day was our relaxation day. Kathy did some shopping in Ouray, then we explored Mears Trail, which passes behind Crystal Lake in Ironton Park, and spent some quiet time reading back by Angel Creek. That evening we enjoyed a fine dinner at the Bon Ton (one of the few nights in Ouray that we didn't eat at the Buen Tiempo).

Day eleven: Bridge of Heaven